Zipwhip Commercial API

Zipwhip’s Commercial API enables ISVs and resellers to create bulk messaging solutions built on Zipwhip’s high-performance messaging platform while maintaining their unique branding

Please contact us if you’re interested in testing the performance of our Commercial API.

API Specs

Zipwhip Commercial API specs are available in both OpenAPI and Postman format.


The Zipwhip Commercial API supports two types of message requests – SMS and MMS. Text only messages are sent as SMS. Messages with file attachments are sent as MMS.

Feature SMS MMS
Maximum text body size 700 bytes 700 bytes
Maximum file attachment size NA 600 kb

If you need to send text bodies larger than 700 bytes, you can send them as MMS with a .txt attachment.

If a message does not include an attachment, it will be sent and billed as an SMS message. If it does include an attachment, it will be sent and billed as an MMS message.

File Attachments

Attachments can be added to MMS messages in .jpg, .png, .gif and .txt formats. You can send up to two attachments at a time. The maximum payload for a message is 600kb.

Message Send Status Codes

The status codes listed in this section apply to all message-send scenarios, both SMS and MMS messages.

If an error occurs when the text message is sent, an error message is returned that includes the status code. The current list of status codes is shown in the table below:

Zipwhip API Status Codes: Message Not Sent

Code Description State Retry
-1234 Recipient sent “STOP” message, must send “UNSTOP” to resolve Failure No
-855 Internal Error Failure Yes
-704 Internal Error Failure No
-703 Internal Error - Bad argument (incorrect/invalid input) Failure No
-700 Internal Error Failure No
-394 Invalid Parameter Length Failure No
-124 Unable to Determine Carrier Failure No
-1 Unknown Error Unknown Yes