Saving Contacts with the Zipwhip API

You can create or update contacts in Zipwhip using the contact/save API by sending a POST request to containing the following parameters:


Key Description
session The session key generated from the user/login API request.
mobileNumber The mobile phone number you wish to send the message to. The mobile phone number should be formatted as a string, either as a 10-digit US phone number without any punctuation symbols or spaces (e.g. 2065551234), or in E.164 format containing a '+' followed by the 'country code' followed by the 'mobile phone number' (e.g. +12065551234).
firstName OPTIONAL: The first name of the contact.
lastName OPTIONAL: The last name of the contact.
email OPTIONAL: The email address of the contact.
notes OPTIONAL: Notes about the contact. Max 1000 characters.

Try it

You can test it by filling in the fields below and clicking Submit. Your request will be sent to the server and a JSON response will be displayed below.

You must Login and fetch a session key to try this function.



Sample Request

To save a contact, send a POST request to with the necessary parameters.

                    $ curl --location --request POST '' \
                      --header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
                      --data-urlencode 'session={{session}}' \
                      --data-urlencode 'mobileNumber={{mobileNumber}}' \
                      --data-urlencode 'firstName={{firstName}}' \
                      --data-urlencode 'lastName={{lastName}}' \
                      --data-urlencode 'email={{email}}' \
                      --data-urlencode 'notes={{notes}}'

Sample Response

After sending a contact/save request, the Zipwhip API server will respond with a success status, plus a JSON object containing metadata about the contact.

                        "success": true,
                        "response": {
                            "id": 12345678901,
                            "version": 300,
                            "lastUpdated": "2020-01-08T00:10:29+00:00",
                            "dateCreated": "2018-08-31T22:01:37+00:00",
                            "deviceId": 123456789,
                            "firstName": "{{first_name}}",
                            "lastName": "{{last_name}}",
                            "email": "{{email}}",
                            "mobileNumber": "{{mobileNumber}}",
                            "address": "ptn:/1234567890",
                            "notes": "{{notes}}"
                        "sessions": null