Sending Text Messages with the Zipwhip API

You can send SMS text messages using the message/send API by sending a POST request to containing three parameters:


Key Description
session The session key generated from the user/login API request.
contacts The mobile phone number you wish to send the message to. The mobile phone number should be formatted as a string, either as a 10-digit US phone number without any punctuation symbols or spaces (e.g. 2065551234), or in E.164 format containing a '+' followed by the 'country code' followed by the 'mobile phone number' (e.g. +12065551234).
body The body of the message. The body must be ≤ 600 characters.

Try it

You can test it by filling in the fields below and clicking Submit. Your request will be sent to the server and a JSON response will be displayed below.

You must Login and fetch a session key to try this function.

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Sample Request

To send a text message, send a POST request to with the necessary parameters.

                    $ curl --location --request POST '' \
                      --header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
                      --data-urlencode 'session={{session_key}}' \
                      --data-urlencode 'contacts={{mobile_phone_number}}' \
                      --data-urlencode 'body={{text_message_body}}'

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Sample Response

After sending a messsage request, the Zipwhip API server will respond with a success status, plus a JSON object containing metadata about the message.

                      "success": true,
                      "response": {
                          "root": "1214411634434052096",
                          "fingerprint": "1514465037",
                          "tokens": [
                                  "contact": 14543967707,
                                  "fingerprint": "1514465037",
                                  "message": "1214411634434052096",
                                  "device": 377265507