Migrating from Zipwhip APIs to Twilio APIs

This guide is designed to help Zipwhip API customers migrate to Twilio APIs. It provides information on how to refactor your code that is using Zipwhip APIs to achieve similar results with Twilio APIs. Twilio provides a wide range of APIs. These docs will focus on the Twilio APIs and Services that provide similar functionality to Zipwhip APIs.

Topic Description
Console Learn how to use the Twilio Console to set up your account, access your account credentials, provision new phone numbers, install SDKs and more.
Messaging API Learn how to use Twilio’s Programmable Messaging API to send text messages.
Webhooks Learn how to receive webhooks for delivery receipts and incoming messages.
Messaging Services Learn how to configure Messaging Services to manage number pools and 10DLC Registration.
10DLC Registration Learn how to register brands and campaigns for 10DLC A2P Messaging.
Provisioning Learn how to use Twilio’s Hosted Numbers API to provision (text-enable) existing landline phone numbers.