Twilio Console

To get started, you will need to create a free Twilio trial account or login to your existing Twilio account.


Once you are logged in to the Twilio Console, you will land on the Dashboard. This is where you can access your Account SID and Auth Token, which will be needed for using the APIs.

Twilio Dashboard

Phone Numbers

Twilio Console > Phone Numbers is where you can purchase and configure phone numbers. To begin experimenting with Twilio’s APIs, you will need to purchase a phone number. It costs $1 per month for the phone line (per message fees are charged separately). This is only needed for development and testing purposes.

Ultimately, after you have refactored your code and tested it using a Twilio phone number, you will be ready to migrate phone lines from Zipwhip to Twilio. You will be able to port your existing Zipwhip text-enabled numbers to Twilio, as well as text-enable (provisiong) existing landline voice numbers for new customers on Twilio’s platform.

Twilio Phone Numbers


Zipwhip’s authentication is line based, requiring a separate token (session key) for each line. Twilio’s Authentication is account based, providing access to all lines associated with an account using a single token.

To authenticate with Twilio’s APIs you will need either of the following:

Accounts and Subaccounts

If you have customers of your own, Twilio Subaccounts are a great way to distinguish different groups or numbers and usage on your project. Each subaccount has it’s own numbers and usage reporting, as well as unique Account SID and Auth Token credentials, but is billed to the same Twilio project balance.

Learn more: View and Create New Twilio Subaccounts.

Twilio SDKs & CLI

Twilio provides SDKs for all common programming languages (node, python, ruby, java, c#, php). In addition, it is recommended that you install the Twilio CLI, which provides access to Twilio’s APIs from the command line and is a convenient way to explore the APIs.

The code samples in the other sections will use curl or the twilio CLI.